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Part 21: Route 223, Victory Road and Pokemon League

Part 21

Woo hoo. The Pokemon League is here.

Route 223
Route 223 takes you en route to the Pokemon League. It is a long route being 256 blocks long.

It's the same as other water routes. Rocks and rocks.

Victory Road and the Pokemon League
Victory road is the last place before you are en route to the Pokemon league.

Victory road is so big in 2:1 scale it extends under route 223 quite a considerable amount. A big walkway will need to go in.

Looks basic but wait until it's finished.

 The upper room is positioned half over the main room and half under the ocean.

I've tried my best to integrate it into the ceiling. I say it looks quite integrated. You might not know it was there.

See how the upper room is layered over the main room.

The blocked off waterfall that leads to the Pokemon League.

Now with various details.

And now with a ceiling. A coarse dirt ceiling that is.

Because the entrance from the overworld is no where near the entrance of Victory Road a long tunnel needed to be made to join the two portals together. The stairways leading down into victory road were carved 'by hand' and by hand I mean clicking away at blocks.

This room is positioned to the east of victory road and provides the only way to access route 224 and subsequent areas.

The leading stairway to where route 224 is likely to go.

Animals, what?

The massive hole in the ground where the Pokemon League will go. The border between dirt and coarse dirt is sea level.
All the rooms for the league trainers are from the Platinum version of the game.

Cynthia's room. The champions room.

Lucian's Room. It is purple with four glowing balls of light.

Uh-oh. Flint's room has sparked a fire (haha, ok).

So I replaced the carpet with clay,

Bertha's room. As seen not on fire.

And Aaron's room. Also not on fire.

All plugged up. Not to build the main building.

It has quite an old cathedral appearance to it.

But with five spires. (The screenshot below was taken before I realised there is supposed to be five.)

Ceiling before

And after being opened up to the spires.

The building all finished.

Route 223 and the Pokemon League.

The view from Vista Lighthouse. Almost like the one in game.

Pokemon Centre and the entrance to Victory Road.

Main room.

Lower room. This room borders the bedrock at the low level lakes so be careful.

The upper room.

The lower lower room that takes you to route 224.

Pokemon League.

Stairways to the Pokemon League.

Aaron's room.

Bertha's room.

Flint's room.
 Lucian's room.
 Cynthia's room.

Looking at Sunyshore City from the top of the Pokemon League.

And looking at the Pokemon League from the sand bar at Sunyshore City.

Progress so far.

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 22 features Route 224, Seabreak Path and Flower Paradise.
After That: Part 23 features the continuity of Mt Coronet.
And After That: Part 24 features Route 216 and Route 217
58% Complete.

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