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Part 19: Route 214, Spring Path and Sendoff Spring

Part 19
Something odd happened when I logged on to post this. My past post got 67 views over the course of last week. This may not sound like much but for every week prior I would only get 15 views. 20 if I was lucky. So thanks fr watching and reading. 

Route 214
Route 214 connects Veilstone City from the north to Valor Lakefront to the south. To the west is the remainder of Maniac Tunnel and to the east is Sendoff Spring. 

Adding some uh-oh. MCEdit said double tall grass (base) which never having used it before I thought it was full double tall grass. But when I opened the qorld in Minecraft I was presented by a load of seeds. 

Urrgggggggrrrgrgggggrgrggg. Disposing of the seeds. The fun way. 

2x2 fences. Makes it easy for me. 

Shrinking the fences down. Makes it better for everyone. Yes, and grass and various other pieces of the route have been added. 

Spring Path 
Spring Path is nothing more than a very short path that takes you off Route 214 to Sendoff Spring. Most of the world I recreate using images online with the assistance of the actual DS game (Pearl version) but I hadn't defeated the elite four yet so this and Sendoff Spring was build entirely off online images from Bulbapedia but can also be sourced from your favourite Pokemon wiki.

That is literally all Spring Path is. Obviously it needs trees but that will come later.

Sendoff Spring 
Sendoff Spring is known as Sinnoh's fourth lake. It is off the map in Diamond and Pearl versions of the DS game until the Elite Four have been defeated.

 Sendoff Spring is a sort of crater. I also forgot to mention before that this is where you enter the Distortion World in Pokemon Platinum (I think).

You need rock climb t get to the top and to get to the cave in the crater. 

Playing around with the Super Secret Settings. The trees are being drawn up. 

The cave. The real cave in the DS game is a massive system. You need to walk through at least 30 48x48 rooms before you can get to this room. We don't have the space for that so all you'll be seeing is the final room when you walk in. 

Some sort of elevated pier with unofficial supports. 

Maniac Tunnel
This was supposed to be in the next part but while I had the time I just did it then. This takes you from Route 214 straight to Solaceon Ruins. The tunnel gets longer the more Unown letter you find in the DS game. For your convenience I did the full tunnel. It is 192 blocks long.

Like Spring Path and Sendoff Spring this was also done solely with online images. 

The Solaceon Ruins entrance. 

And the route 214 entrance. 

Finished Product
Route 214 fully finished.

The base of Sendoff Spring

The top of Sendoff Spring. 

Route 214, Spring Path and Sendoff Spring. 

Sendoff Spring. Literally. 

Maniac Tunnel. 

Progress so far.
It's getting huge!

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 20 features Route 222 and Sunyshore City
After That: Part 21 features Route 223 and the Pokemon League.
And After That: Part 22 features Route 224, Seabreak Path and Flower Paradise.
53% Complete.

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