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Part 35: The finished product.

Part 35

I skipped the terrain fill in part I was going to publish. But we will start with that anyway before moving on to the finished product.

Terrain Fill in was a little different to last time with Hoenn. I used MCEdit and WorldPainter. MCEdit to draw the outlines of the island and to fill in any empty spaces and WorldPainter to erect the mountians and to make the surrounding landscapes.

The first attempt at using WorldPainter. A ended up making mountains way too high.

So I cleared it and did it later.

South of Sinnoh. The southern tip that extends past the Pal Park.

There are a few bays in Sinnoh. This one is just north west of Veilstone City.

Using MCEdit I made the rough areas that I wanted to raise so I could smooth them out with WorldPainter.

On Route 206 the surrounding landscape gave a glimpse of things to come.

More fill in.

Now for WorldPainter landscapes. To make the landscapes I used the Artwork of the Sinnoh region from Pokemon Platinum. It provided adequate detail for rivers and mountains.

Mountains were drafted up in WorldPainter all over Sinnoh.

I didn't take screenshots between the start and the end of making the mountains but here it is finished on Battle Island.

But just as WorldPainter did before it corrupted some areas of Sinnoh. And oddly it was all the same places as before. I think it might be because WorldEdit was set to copy surface chunks down a few blocks.

I did the mountains before the rivers because if I had done it the other way around, knowing me, I would have accidentally smoothed them over making nearby mountains. Also all the mountains were coated with a coarse dirt surface.

There was a small geographical issue here. Under the cycling road there were two rivers converging downstream. If this was the real world the entire area under the cycling road of route 206 would be flooded flodding all of Wayward cave as well. I lowered the water level of the river on the left up to its waterfall (out of frame).

Eterna Forest on the right and Route 217 on the left.

Tree time. This was a time consuming step as the saplings were brushed on 3 apart (4 for spruce saplings) for the entirety of the region.

Snow. Time to cover the region in snow.

Here is the much refined peninsula that you saw earlier west of Lake Verity and Canalave City.

On the south eastern side of Sinnoh there is a delta that leads out to the ocean.

North of the Safari Zone there is another small mountain range.

I decided to 'platinumise' some areas of Sinnoh. The whole project up until now has been based on what you will see in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions of the DS game. Some areas received a facelift in the Platinum version. So I thought I'd gave this project a bit of an early facelift.

I started with the gates which are simple. The old Diamond and Pearl gated below were good. But they were replaced with the gates seen in Platinum.

Here is the gate you would see in Platinum. Made from Jungle wood with a smooth sandstone base.

While making the new gates I thought I'd also make a map wall. I started with zoom level 3 1:8th scale but that proved too big because most of the map area was ocean. So I downgraded or as I see it, upgraded to zoom level 2 1:4th scale.

With zoom level 2 the top and bottom of the region were slightly cropped off. But those areas were just landscape. The map wall is 3x2 which is quite large but it is extremely cool.

On battle Island I turned one of the mountains into a Volcano. It made sense to do so because the Mt Mortar cave system was right underneath.

Resuming map making after all the regions trees had grown. It took about 8 minuted of flying around to make all 6 maps. All the maps will be in your inventory when you play the final verison.

Here is the map. On the floor and off centre.

Not anymore. This map will be in all the gates across the region.

Back to the gates. The east-west gates had different interiors to north-south gates. So they will be different. But the exterior is the same.

The new interior of the gates. This is an east-west gate. The north-south gates are just organised differently.

Another area that was platinumised was the cycling road. The platinum cycling road has above ground street lights and a white and red railing for the sides. Below the old Diamond and Pearl design is on the left and the Platinum version is on the right.

There it is. All done.

The gates to Amity square were platinumised to go with the Platinum version of Amity Square itself. On the front of the billboard in the DS game is a trio of Psyduck, Torchic and Drifloon. My attempt to recreate it on a 10x6 billboard could have gone better but it will do.

Solaceon Town houses were also updated. The old houses were rather ugly (my opinion) and the Platinum versions log cabin style houses seemed more fitting.

The new log cabins. Now with recessed doors.

Veilstone City also recieved an upgrade.

The old Team Galactic building was rather uninspiring and just looked like a 60's office building painted blue.

The Platinum version is much more visually appealing but does sacrifice some interior space. Because I don't like to compromise the old building was essentially skinned to look like the new design.

Also the paths and pavement were updated.

Valor lakefront is going greek. Most of the grass is paved over in Platinum.

I made two designs. the top design is a 6x6 pattern and the pattern below it is a 4x4 pattern. I tried both and the 6x6 pattern won because when tiled it doesn't look like a checkerboard.

But it does look like a bubble theme.

In Sunnyshore City only the railings were changed. At each corner was a green block of clay and in between were anvil railings.

The houses were also changed to look more castle like as seen in Platinum.

And here is Sunnyshore City.

Finished Product.
Now we are going through all the towns, cities and routes in Sinnoh.

Twinleaf Town

Route 201

Lake Verity

Sandgem Town

Route 219 and 220

Route 221

Route 202

Jubilife City

Route 218

Canalave City
 Route 204

Floaroma Town
 Valley Windworks
 Route 205

Floaroma Meadow

Fuego Ironworks

Eterna Forest

Route 205 Continued

Eterna City

Route 211 (west)

Route 211 (east)

Route 206

Route 203

Oreburgh City

Route 207

Mt Coronet

Route 208

Hearthome City

Amity Square

Route 209

Solaceon Town

Route 210

Route 210 continued

Celestic Town

Route 212 east-west

Route 212 north-south

Pastoria City

Safari Zone Great Marsh

Route 213

Valor Lakefront

Lake Valor

Route 214

Sendoff Spring

Veilstone City

Route 215

Route 222

Sunnyshore City

Route 223

Pokemon League

Route 224

Seabreak Path

Flower Paradise

Fight Area

Battle Frontier

Route 225

Survival Area
 Route 226

Route 227

Route 228

Route 229

Resort Area
 Route 230

Route 216

Route 217

Acuity Lakefront

Lake Acuity

Snowpoint City

Now for the publicity screenshots for Planet Minecraft.

Jubilife City

 Cycle road above Route 206

Hearthome City and Amity Square

The Pokemon Mansion

 Valor Lakefront

Sunnyshore City with the Pokemon League in the distance.

Veilstone City

Battle Island

Route 216

Route 217

Snowpoint City

View across the eastern side of Sinnoh.

Solaceon Town

The Great Marsh.

And now for the renders.

Mt Coronet above Amity Square.

Mt Coronet.

Battle Island


Route 206

This project on Planet Minecraft.

Ah yes. The download link.

Next is the Johto and Kanto regions in the one project. Check it out here.
No idea when I'll start it. It might be tomorrow or it might me in two months from now.

But yeah. Thanks for following this project. It is very much appreciated. Really, it is.


  1. What about Iron island, Fullmoon island, Newmoon island, the spear pillar and the hall of origin

    1. They may not be here on this post but they have been built.

  2. I just accidentally discovered this when browsing pokemon maps and stuff, and WOW i am so impressed. The sinnoh region is my favorite since diamond was my first game and i can tell a lot of work went into replicating every single place. And it is all perfect, from what i remember. woah. holy shit you are amazing.

    1. Wow, Thankyou. I'm glad you appreciate this. This project did take a long time but the result was worth it.

  3. may i use it on my server ?

  4. This is amazing content. Thank you so much for all your hard work and perseverance. I cannot convey in words how absolutely marvelous it is to see my favourite Pokémon game represented in such vivid detail in a world as free to explore as Minecraft.
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.