Monday, 30 March 2015

Introduction and Project Briefing

Welcome to the Minecraft Sinnoh Region.

(Image sourced from Bulbapedia)  

The successor to my recreation of Hoenn (at

Several changes will take place. Most notably:
  • Snapshots of updates. Each update will be published as a new file and will not overwrite the present download.
  • All unoccupied space (caverns in unplayable areas) in caves will be filled with stone instead of gravel.
  • The layers of blocks from sea level to bedrock has been increased from 18 (in Hoenn) to 50 to accommodate large caves.
  • Better detail in all aspects.
  • Use of more appropriately textured blocks.
  • Town and route boundaries will be less noticeable (leaf borders will no longer be straight but will be embedded in the forest area outside the normal walking area). 
  • Smoother edges
  • Extensive use of appropriate biomes for different cities and routes. 
And most importantly...
  • Scheduled updates due every Sunday 11:00am (AEST)
This is not the only place where you can view this project though. The project is also being hosted on Planet Minecraft.
Be sure to check it out.

Below is a set list showing what will be constructed and when.

Part 1: Twinleaf Town Route 201 Verity Lakefront
Part 2: Sandgem Town Route 219 Route 220
Part 3: Route 221 Pal Park
Part 4: Route 202 Jublife City
Part 5: Route 218 Canalave City
Part 6: Route 204 Floaroma Town Route 205
Part 7: Fuego Ironworks Valley Windworks Eterna City
Part 8: Eterna Forest Wayward Cave Route 206
Part 9: Route 207 Oreburge City Route 203
Part 10: Mt Coronet (partial) Route 211 Route 208
Part 11: Hearthome City Amity Square
Part 12: Route 209 Solaceon Town
Part 13: Route 210

Part 14: Celestic Town Maniac Tunnel
Part 15: Route 212

Part 16: Pastoria City Great Marsh
Part 17: Route 213 Valor Lakefront
Part 18: Route 215 Veilstone City
Part 19: Route 214 Spring Path Sendoff Spring
Part 20: Route 222 Sunyshore City
Part 21: Route 223 Pokemon League
Part 22: Route 224 Seabreak Path Flower Paradise
Part 23: Mt Coronet (continued)

Part 24: Route 216 Route 217
Part 25: Acuity Lakefront Snowpoint City
Part 26: Fight Area Route 225
Part 27: Survival Area Route 226
Part 28: Route 227 Stark Mountain
Part 29: Route 228 Route 229
Part 30: Resort Area Route 230
Part 31: Battle Park

Part 32: Iron Island Full Moon Island New Moon Island
Part 33: Mt Coronet Cave System Spear Pillar
Part 34: Terrain Fill in

Part 35: Final Detailing

Part 36: Release

I can't wait to bring you all this exiting stuff. 

Please keep in mind that the project may be cancelled or postponed at any time if I run out of spare time or have little spare time available. Though unlikely it may be possible.

Stay tuned and subscribe.

Part 1 coming shortly.

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