Sunday, 5 April 2015

Part 1 of 36: Twinleaf Town, Route 201 and Verity Lakefront

Welcome to Sinnoh. The successor project to Hoenn.

You may notice some changes if you followed the Hoenn project such as slightly more detail but, most importantly, scheduled updates.

Yes, every Sunday at 11:00am (AEST) an update should appear here and shortly afterwards on Planet Minecraft.

So lets get started.

The very first area is the very first area you start in with the DS game. Twinleaf town is a small town with four houses. Your house and your in-game friends house plus two other houses.

(sigh) Slimes. I thought they spawned just because of the relatively low land level. 

The only way I thought to manage the slimes was to run a command to remove them. But that littered the land with slime. It wasn't until 5 minutes after tinkering with the settings that later I found the world was set to 'Normal' and not 'Peaceful'. This quick change fixed the problem. I'm such a noob sometimes. 

You may be wondering what the stone is for. Well, it's a crude marker for the trees in the background. It was just a simple quick fix.

Laying out the sand and marking the houses was quite straightforward. Just excavate the land where the houses will go.

Progress is strong. There are two types of houses in Twinleaf Town. Large and small. The two large houses are for you and your friend and the other two are for NPC's (Non-player character).

Animals everywhere. I don't mind these passive mobs. Except the annoying slimes, and bats. 

Two houses. Obviously the small house is on the left and the larger, double-story house is on the right. 

The downstairs area of your house. The ceiling is low to accommodate the upstairs bedroom. 

The upstairs bedroom with large windows, a lot of floor space and a cathedral ceiling. 
Twinleaf town complete.

Well, Route 201 with a small area to the west that technically is Verity Lakefront. But 80% of the total area is Route 201.

The most time consuming bit was placing the leaf borders. Everything after that such as placing paths and grass took relatively little time. 
And that's pretty much it. Tree's coming shortly.

Lake Verity is the resting place of the legendary Pokemon Mesprit. In the early parts of the game the lake is too low to surf on but later on it fills up and then you can go straight to the center of the lake to catch the legendary Pokemon.

I've forgotten to take some screenshots so it coverage may be a bit splotchy in some areas.

The lake. It's 8 blocks deep and forms a rough octagon shape. 

Now full to the brim with water. With a cave in the middle. 

I experimented with biomes. The shade of green was a bit dull for my liking so I changed the lakes biome to 'Jungle'. And it looked fantastic and lush.

So I changed the whole region, well the area that I've built to the Jungle biome. And the whole place looked marvelous. 

Except... Ocelots. Ocelots everywhere. They really were everywhere. 

And just for good measure I tried an Ice Mountains biome. But then the lake started freezing over. 

So I changed it back to 'Plains' and I think I'll just leave it. 

Anyway, the cave in the middle is actually down a flight of stairs just inside the doorway. Why? Well if you know my Hoenn region you can skip to the next paragraph. If you're a new reader the reason large areas get built underground because they simply don't fit inside overworld buildings. There is a tradition in Pokemon games to make interiors much bigger than the exterior which is physically impossible. I could fix this by building command blocks to teleport you to another area but I simply don't work like that. So my fix is to either build inside at a 1:1 scale (houses and other not so important buildings) or underground at 2:1 scale (gyms and other landmarks).

This 'shallow' water forms a nice pattern. On the DS game Mesprit will be waiting for you in the middle. 

Lake Verity all finished. 

Twinleaf Town. 

Route 201 looking east. 

Verity Lakefront just to the west of Route 201. 

The easternmost area of Route 201. 

The entire region so far. 

Progress so far.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 2 features Sandgem Town, Route 219 and Route 220.
After That: Part 3 features Route 221 and the Pal Park
And After That: Part 4 features Route 202 and Jublife City.
3% Complete.

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