Sunday, 12 April 2015

Part 2 of 36: Sandgem Town, Route 219, Route 220.

Welcome to another update. Sandgem Town, Route 219 and 220 are all here.

Sandgem Town is a small town near Twinleaf Town. New things to see here are the Pokemon Centre, Pokemon Mart and Professor Rowans Pokemon research lab. Sandgem town has a beach to the south that merges with Route 219.

Everything starts with a block of land, except water routes. Starting with a block of land allows me to start carving away, just like how you'd make a sculpture. It's electronic landscaping.

There are two houses in Sandgem Town. One is an NPC house and the other house is either Dawn or Lucas's house depending on the gender of your player on the DS games.

You may have noticed the edges of the sandy paths are smoothed off. That is an attempt to make the paths have more detail and a more natural look.

With a new region comes a new Pokemon Centre and Pokemon Mart. 

The Pokemon Centre differs from the one in Hoenn. It is wider, deeper and taller with more materials on the exterior and more space on the interior. 

The interior of the Pokemon Centre with cushions, desk, bookshelf, computer and a map on the wall. 

The Pokemon Mart is the same size as the Hoenn Pokemon Mart. But just like the Pokemon Centre the materials on the outside are different and the building is slightly taller. 

The Interior. Mostly unchanged from Hoenn expect for some re-arrangement.

Professor Rowans Pokemon research lab.

The lab has a distinctive look to it. Using 3 different types of wooden planks to make the exterior there is certainly some complexity to the design. 

A cyan wool roof supported with oak fences integrated into the walls finish it off. 

On the inside there is a cobblestone and wooden ceiling with stone brick and wooden floor.

Shown all empty. 

Now all furnished. 

Sandgem town finished. It just needs one thing. 

That's it. Trees. 

ROUTE 219 
Route 219 is a short water route that links Sandgem town to Route 220. 

It is part land and part water. The first thing is to clear water to make working easier.

Adding the new design rocks and sandbar's as well as various other details like trees. 

And there it is all finished. This took less than an hour to make because it's so short. 

ROUTE 220 
Route 220 is a little bit bigger but a lot more complicated. There's more rocks and sandbars compared to Route 219. Lets get stuck in. 

Clearing the water. The usual procedure.

After an hour or so of cloning and filling the hard work is almost done.

Just some detailing and smoothing (below the water around the sandbars and dirt rocks.)

And there you have it. 

Route 220

Sandgem Beach

Sandgem Beach

Sandgem Town on the ground. 

Professor Rowans lab plus Pokemon Centre. 

Progress so far.

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 3 features Route 221 and the Pal Park.
After That: Part 4 features Route 202 and Jublife City.
And After That: Part 5 features Route 218 and Canalave City.
6% Complete.

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