Sunday, 24 May 2015

Part 5 of 36: Route 218 and Canalave City

Update number 5.

In this update Route 218 and Canalave City get built. These are some of the most far reaching western areas of Sinnoh.

Route 218 is quite a simple route with unusually straight lines of rocks and coastlines. Because of this it was easy to make and took just 2 hours.

The clone tool of MCEdit made easy work of the rock borders. 

The clone tool also made building the gates easy. It was easy because I didn't have to build it. 

Route 218 finished (minus the dirt rocks to the north. Forgot about those.) 

Canalave City is the western most city in Sinnoh. It has a population of around 40 people and a canal runs into the city hence the name 'Canal'ave.

Starting with the basics. Double concrete slabs were the material of choice for the pavement. 

Followed by stone bricks for the paths. 

Again, these buildings were easy to build because they were cloned. Except the houses which were cloned and then changed to look how they do in the DS game. 

Canalave Library is an old looking building with three levels. It is a little bit larger in this Minecraft world than in the DS game just so there is more interior space.

The building's exterior edges are made of coloured clay. The floors are made of Jungle wood slabs.

The fill in is a mix of mossy stone bricks to give a green tinge like in the game and Birch wood because it matches with the stone bricks. 

The interior.
First floor. 

Second floor. 

And finally, the third floor. 

The first gym to be built in this Sinnoh Region.

This is a deep 80x50x40 hole underneath Canalave City. 

Why is it so deep? This gym has 4 floors with high ceilings on each of the floors. This is going to be a difficult room to light.

Though from the outside it doesn't look so big. 

The first floor area. Bats are spawning as the ceiling lights aren't powerful enough to light the room. Glowstone rings run around the walls to provide extra illumination. 

The first issue was getting you from the building up top to the starting area down at the bottom. Where to put the staircase?

Solution? Integrated it into the wall. 

First floor. Instead of platforms you see in the game you will see ladders that lead to the next floor. The red sand barriers can be easily jumped over but you know you don't want to. 

The second floor. These floors match up perfectly which is surprising given how rooms in Pokemon games usually work. 

Third floor.

And finally the fourth floor. The floor where the gym leader isn't. 

Lit without the aid of a night vision potion. Bat's still spawn though. 

To curb the bat spawning the floor edges were littered with torches. 

Canalave City.

The bridge. 

Canalave Library. 

Progress so far.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 6 features Route 204, Floaroma Town, Route 205.
After That: Part 7 features Fuego Ironworks, Valley Windworks and Eterna City.
And After That: Part 8 features Eterna Forest, Wayward Cave and Route 206.
14% Complete.

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