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Part 6 of 36: Route 204, 205 and Floaroma Town

Update number 5.

In this update a substantial amount of Sinnoh gets built. Five areas get built including three route areas, one town and a cave.
Oh, and I've added creeper heads where you would fine Pokeball items in the DS game so have fun finding those. Only above ground items are available. Hidden items are not yet available. 

Route 204 links Jubilife City to Floaroma Town through the Ravaged Path. The northern end of the route where it joins onto Floaroma Town is 8 blocks above sea level with the southern end exactly at sea level.

In order to traverse this route you must traverse the Ravaged Path. It's a cave that in the DS game, prevents you from reaching Floaroma Town before you are able to receive the badge to use Rock Smash outside of battle. This badge is received from Oreburgh City.

This is a moderately sized cave under Route 205 and Floaroma Town. In the DS game you must go through this cave to reach Floaroma Town. To build the cave I had to move the top layer of Route 205. This made it much easier to get access into the cave and get building.

To progress into the deeper parts of the cave on the DS game you must be able to use surf. There is an underwater lake that blocks progress.

After detailing the cave and adding the torches and the rocks the cave gets sealed. 

Not sealed closed like the Team Magma Hideout. Just a ceiling. 

Inside the cave there is dim lighting provided by the torches. Oh well, keeps the bats out. 
There was an issue just after sealing the cave. Because it is completely made of dirt and there is grass just a little bit too nearby grass started growing and growing. Some of the walls are made of coarse dirt to curb the growth of grass. I haven't gone back in the cave once I did that so if there's no grass then success. If there is grass then I've got a busy day ahead of me.

Anyway, Route 204. It's moderetelty complicated as there are lakes, grass, fences and flowers.

As usual the big bits go in first. Tree borders, empty lakes and stairs. 

The smaller bits go in next. Paths, fences, and water. 

The small details go in next. Flowers, signs and various other details.

And finally the trees get planted and gown. 

Route 204 finished.

The view heading northbound from Jubilife City.

The entrance of the Ravaged Path.  

The rocks that you must break, even in this Minecraft world, to progress. (unless you cheat and jump up the hill. 

The exit of  Ravaged Path.

Looking south towards Jubilife City. 

The northern end of Route 204. 

Well, the southern part of Floaroma Town. Floaroma meadow to the north will be built after the Fuego Ironworks where there will be a space to fit it in.

Flowers are everywhere. To put them in quickly I put a single column of flowers and then cloned them beside each other up to 16 times to create a large area of flowers. 

The 'Pick a Peck of Flowers Flower Shop' *inhale*. What a mouth full.  This building is a cyan and purple coloured building with a detailed interior. When I say detailed I mean there area a few flower pots on oak wood tree trunks.

And there it is. Floaroma town complete minus the trees and the meadow. 

Route 205 is an enormous route. It is so big it is in two sections.

There is a river that goes to the Fuego Ironworks that runs down the southern skew of the centre of the route.

This route is already 8 blocks above sea level and goes up to 16 blocks above sea level. It's just on the foothills of Mt Coronet. The spine of Sinnoh. 

There were different textures for the tops of rocks. There was a darker shade of dirt in the DS game so here, there is brown clay as a substitute. The other areas are covered with coarse dirt.

All the rocks.  And that's it for the southern area of Route 205.

Now this area is a bypass for Eterna Forest. I'm not sure if this could ruin alignment for route 206 and 207 for Oreburge City but we'll see. And we'll work something out. 

This is a narrow path with a few hidden areas that aren;t actually hidden but you get the point. 

Further extensions to the north almost complete the bypass.
You may notice to the mid left of the screenshot below there is a blockage. These are the trees that you need to knock down to use the bypass. But before you use the bypass visit Eterna forest first once it's built. But if Eterna doesn't exist then how could there be a bypass. Don't worry, It'll become a bypass before you know it.

The northern part which connects Eterna Forest to Eterna City. It is less than half the size of the southern area and therefore took less than half the time to complete.

Again, the usual procedure...


See those trees. They're fence posts with leaves on them. You're supposed to knock them down to proceed. 

Progress so far.

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PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 7 features Fuego Ironworks, Valley Windworks and Eterna City.
After That: Part 8 features Eterna Forest, Wayward Cave and Route 206.
And After That: Part 9 features Route 203, 207 and Oreburge City
17% Complete.

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