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Part 8 of 36: Eterna Forest, Wayward Cave and Route 206

Eterna Forest, Wayward Cave and Route 206 are three very large pieces of land. All three areas exceeding 150 blocks in either width or length.

Eterna Forest measures a massive 192x192 blocks. It's the largest area yet. Unfortunately though the access points in Eterna forest don't line up with the access points on Route 205 which is where the forest is accessed.

Surprisingly for such a large expanse of land only ~40% of it is actually put to good use. the rest of the land (highlighted in grey (stone) below) is, or will become trees.

Ugh. Rendering times. I do most of the work in an external world editor so when it comes to taking screenshots I need to load up Minecraft and because my 4gb of RAM is always ~75% full when I have all the programs I need open rendering can take a very long time.

So there's the basin complete. See the large tree? It's a small experiment. I was going to choose between normal oak trees as seen in the game, large oak trees only or a mix of both. But none of those trees got the gig in Eterna Forest. Instead I found something better. Continue reading.

Eterna Forest is sort of like a maze. There are patches of trees and large spreads of tall grass.

So far the entire region has been set to the 'Plains' biome. To make Eterna Forest more unique and forest-like I changed the biome to 'Forest'. This makes Eterna Forest appear lusher and greener than a normal plains biome.

See. 'Biome: Forest'.

The trees. To make Eterna forest even more unique the trees used are Dark Oak trees. All these trees have 2x2 sized trunks with high and wide foliage roofing the forest. These trees make you feel small, especially when they're up above you on a ledge.

Usually when I load up the world for rendering after placing the saplings only one or two trees grow once the scene is fully loaded and rendered. But the dark oak trees were popping up at an alarming rate. They grow like bacteria.

The transition of Biomes. On the left the Forest biome with a greener and brighter shade of grass and leaves colour than the Plains on the right.

And within minutes most of the trees had grown. I didn't even have to hit them with the bonemeal.

The Old Chateau is an abandoned manor house right by the eastern access point of Eterna Forest. It is all over grown and broken inside. It's really a haunted house.

The birch roof is a bit steep but inside it is a two storey building.

The downstairs dining area.

The kitchen.

And upstairs. Not all the rooms in the DS game could fit so I squeezed in the most significant rooms.

And that's Eterna Forest taken care of. Now to link both access points to Route 205.

The eastern end of Eterna Forest.

We need to go all the way over there. Straight ahead. But there's a massive valley in between up.

To link the access points together the empty void was filled with dirt and grass. Some major detailing was added now so I won't have to do it much later when the terrain surrounding everything gets filled in. The leaf borders mark the pathway.

The southern access point wasn't screenshot at this phase but I can assure you it's there and finished.

Route 206 is a route that links Eterna City to Route 207. Notable features include the cycle road the spans the length of the route and Wayward Cave situated to the northern area under the Cycle Road and Eterna City.

The southern section was finished first. Just for simplicities sake. It is about a fifth of the size of the rest of the route and only took an hour to complete.

There is a gate at this end of the route that is twice the width of a normal gate. I think this may be the only area in Sinnoh with a gate this wide.

Route 206 is so long it overtakes the Valley Windworks on its way south. It is also 2 blocks below sea level at its lowest point. I'm not sure if it's a mistake on my behalf or the route was designed to be like that. I'm surprised it's not a lake here.

Construction of Route 206 was halted at this point to make way for Wayward Cave.

Wayward cave is actually two caves with one built on top of the other. To get access to the land underneath half of Eterna City had to be shifted over to one side. It didn't have to be shifted but it was for easy access.

If you have ever wanted to see a cross section of Eterna City Gym here's your chance.

This by the way is the top level cave. It was quite easy to build despite its large size. It is funny UN-lit so to explore it you will need a way to light it up.

After that was done it was shifted to one side so the lower level could be built. It's a smaller but more complex cave. It's a puzzle cave with ledges and jumps you need to over come to get to the final area.

Unlike the cave on top this cave is fully lit.

And this is the room you're trying to get to. Sorry. Spoiler alert.

The main cave in all its torch lit goodness.

Route 206 Continued...
After the top half of Wayward cave, Route 206 and Eterna City were shifted back into place construction on the rest of Route 206 can resume.

Mostly all that needed building was the mountainous surroundings and the bases for the pylons that support the soon to be build cycling road.

There's more tall grass than trees on this route.

The Cycling Road. It is at a much gentler angle than you'd think after playing it on the DS game. It descends at a rate of 1 block per 10 blocks (1:10).

To save time this segment was built using concrete half slabs for the actual road and quartz half slabs for the lines.

This was cloned to span the entire length of Route 206. A hole was added almost half way up as seen in the DS game.

It looks sort of like a motorway. A floating motorway.

With the pylons built it is looking like a real world structure.

The entrance of the top half of Wayward Cave.

Looking up at the ascent of the cycling road.

Underneath the cycling road.

On the cycling road looking south down the hill.

The top of the cycling road with Eterna City in the background.

The lower half of Wayward Cave.

Eterna Forest. All linked up.

South eastern area of the forest.

The Old Chateau.

Progress so far.

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 9 features Route 203, 207 and Oreburge City.
After That: Part 10 features Mt Coronet (partial), Route 211 and Route 208.
And After That: Part 11 features Hearthome City and Amity Square.
22% Complete.

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