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Part 7 of 36: Fuego Ironworks, Valley Windworks, Floaroma Meadow and Eterna City.

In this update 4 areas get built. Fuego Ironworks, Valley Windworks, Floaroma Meadow and Eterna City.

This update is quite extensive so sit back and read.

The Valley Windworks is a wind powered power plant just east of Floaroma Town. It measures 64x64 blocks but only about 40% of the land is 'playable'.

The Power station is within a small valley. Hence the name Valley Windworks.

There are power generating windmills dotting the landscape around the power station. These windmills are made of iron and wool. There are 9 windmills in total. This master windmill was cloned to surrounding areas to save time and energy.

There are only 7 at the moment. The other two windmills will be inserted later.

The power generator warehouse. Well, this is where it will go.

Here it is. It is an iron framed building filled in with bricks. The roof is decorated with a dome and 4 antenna like things. I'm thinking of changing the yellow wool on the antenna things to glowstone to make it look more like a powerhouse.

The interior. It is a bit barebones and the generator is simply a stack of glowstone. If you would like to submit a proposal for a better generator design the maximum size is 3x3x4.

And that's all there is. So far. See the rest soon at the end of this post.

The Fuego Ironworks is an industrial facility located north of Floaroma Town. The location is accessed by a river that runs along the Valley Windworks and Route 205. The Fuego Ironworks also provides an alternative entrance into Floaroma Meadow which we will explore shortly.

Fuego Ironworks integrates perfectly with Route 205. The reason it is more difficult to access than other areas is so it can't be accessed in the DS game until the player has a pokemon and the badge that lets them use Surf outside of battle. All alternative access points are one way ledges that let the player leave the area.

The building. It is a large single story building with a six sided industrial style roof. The exterior consists of brick walls with a clay base and eves. The corners of the exterior are highlighted by acacia fences that represents a faux steel frame.

The building has quite a wide front entrance. Possibly the widest in Sinnoh.

The building does have a cathedral or open ceiling meaning that the ceiling is very tall and follows the angle of the exterior roof. The interior is lit with hanging glowstone pendant lighting.

In the DS game there is a sort of puzzle though it is too big to properly fit in this building. The interior has almost nothing to do with a metal foundry. I'm considering removing this interior and replacing with an actual though non-original metal foundry.

The landscape is now fully detailed with tall grass and trees. It integrates neatly with Route 205.

Floaroma Meadow was originally going to be built along side Floaroma Town but that would have jeopardised the Fuego Ironworks.

Floaroma Meadow is much, much bigger than you might think.

It's twice as wide as Floaroma Town. It is however just as tall as it is wide which means some modifications must be made.

There is a legde that runs the width of the area that allows you to hop from north to south. South of the ledge Floaroma Meadow is replicated in the usual way. At 2x2 with excellent accuracy.

The northern part if built to 2x2 specification would consume land up to the front of the Fuego Ironworks. The only real solution was to squeeze the northern part and build it at 2x1. This means it is half the length as usual but retains the width. During normal play it is barely noticeable. 

It may look a bit odd but it works.

The surrounding areas were populated with flowers which was a time consuming job as most of the colours have specific locations.

Eterna City is a historic city in the north west sector of Sinnoh. It is right near the foothills of Mt Coronet. It is an 'L' shaped city which is a first for this project.

Unlike the usual practice of building the main geographical features first and buildings last I did it the other way around. As Eterna City has a gym underground it would be easier to move a few buildings to expose the underground area than to move entire mountains per say.

Eterna City gym is a grass type gym.

To make the gym most of the city was moved out of the way to expose the underground area which it will be built in.

Something odd is that is is an indoor outdoor area. Once all the trees have grown a roof gets placed on top and the area will then be artificially lit.

The trees were grown with the roof off so the trees grow better. Trees don't grow or spawn so well in confined spaces.

The interior. Lit with glowstone.

Now moving on to the geographical features. There is a large wasted area to the south east quadrant of the city. If nothing significant surrounds it later, then when the time comes to fill in the terrain I'll build some of the foothills of Mt Coronet on it.

The ground of Eterna city is a mix of brown clay and grass.

Eterna City is home to the Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop. The player in the DS game obtains a bicycle here after rescuing the owner from Team Plasma HQ which we will get to shortly.

Team Plasma's Headquarters in Eterna City. This is a tall blue building with spikes on the sides. This is the version from Diamond and Pearl.

It is a four level building consisting of just desks and pot plants. I'll let you see the interior for yourself.

This is supposed to be a statue of the legendary PALKIA pokemon. Of couse it looks more like a golden duck with dragon wings than a pokemon.

And there we are. Eterna city completed.

It's missing a windmill but Valley Windworks is finished. 

Fuego Ironworks.

Floaroma Meadow.

Eterna City

Progress so far.

Stay tuned and subscribe.
PS: Check this project out on Planet Minecraft.

And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 8 features Eterna Forest, Wayward Cave and Route 206.
After That: Part 9 features Route 203, Route 207 and Oreburge City.
And After That: Part 10 features Mt Coronet (partial), Route 211 and Route 208
19% Complete.

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