Sunday, 12 July 2015

Part 12 of 36: Route 209, Solaceon Town and Ruins

Part 12 update. 1/3rd complete.

Route 209 is the second longest route in Sinnoh linking Hearthome City to Solaceon Town. It is an L shaped routed with a river flowing through the middle.

The route is 128x128 blocks at sea level.

The route, despite the size is actually quite simple. There's no new geographical features to note here.

The lost tower is a memorial building to the north of Route 209. It is by far the worst offender when it comes to exterior size verses interior space. The exterior measures 6x6 blocks which leaves 4x4 blocks inside. In the DS game there are four 20x16 floors that run through it. So here you only get a small room. Sorry about that. 

Anyway, Route 209. Here it is finished.



Route 209

Progress so far.

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 13 features Route 210.
After That: Part 14 features Celestic Town.
And After That: Part 15 features Route 212.
33% Complete.

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