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Part 11 of 36: Hearthome City and Amity Square

Part 11 contains Hearthome City from Pokemon Pearl and Amity Square from Pokemon Platinum.

Hearthome City is a large-ish city in central Hoenn. In the DS game there are a hefty amount of mothers and children as well as automated lifts in every multi story building. The grounds are mostly paved and despite the size of the city there are less buildings than I was expecting. 

First part it the easiest and fastest. Place the basic details and import 'pre-built' buildings from other cities, routes and towns. Hearthome City has 5 gates which is more than any other city in Sinnoh.

Hearthome City has minor details imported from Jubilife City. The fountains are imported from Jubilife City but have been modified to be 5x5 blocks wide down from the original 6x6. This allows for a more elegant design with a 1x1 blocks wide column of water to make it look better proportioned to the overall size.

The plants remain the same from Jubilife City made from an iron block base and permanent oak leaves placed 1 block apart.

Park benches and fences are nothing unique but are the make-up of Hearthome City.

This is one of two multi story buildings with a unique design for Hearthome City. In the DS game the buildings appeared to have a purple tinge to them so I originally built the building out of purple clay.

Purple clay looked a bit cartoonish so I substituted the purple clay for spruce wood planks. But I kept the ribbed birch wood surrounding the lower half of the building. The ribs are made of stacked stairs. Also along the window sills are a variety of pot plants. The plants I've chosen are various varieties of saplings.

There are two of these buildings in Hearthome City. They have the same interiors just like they do in the game. The only difference between them is saplings in the pot plants. I planted them all by manually scrolling my mouse wheel to choose a sapling as randomly as I can.

The Pokemon Super Contest Hall which I'm now going to refer to as 'The Hall' is a Colosseum like building half covered with the lobby area and open to the sky with the contest area. 

An sandstone ellipse was erected using all three varieties of sandstone (normal, smooth, and chiselled).

The Hall is split into two areas. The pink area is the lobby and the blue area is the arena.

I miniaturised it so anyone who enters can enjoy the open sky instead of building underground as usual.

The half roof is made of quartz blocks and stairs.

The lobby area. Clean and simple. And bright.

Just a look across at where Mt Coronet will be when it gets built.

The Foreign Building (according to Bulbapedia) is a cathedral like building with no actual name in the DS game. Its exterior mainly consists of quartz. Like The Hall the Foreign Building uses all three types of Quartz plus Quartz Stairs. 

Inside you will find a round glass roof, dark oak wood floor with light blue carpet and stained windows.

That's all the buildings above ground done.

Hearthome City Gym in the DS game is a large network of over sized rooms. It was way too big to build the whole set at the scale of the rest of the world (2:1). Instead I built the final room which would usually house Fantina the Gym Leader. 

The room has stained glass windows but as they are underground they are backlit with glowstone. There is blue wool directly behind the windows so the glowstone is hidden in a ring around the window. It was my attempt to bring the outdoors in.

The room is quite simple but I accidental built it too low and too close to the gym building so the staircase leading into the room protrudes into the room. But at least that adds something to look at.

A terrible chandelier lights the room dimly with four other lights to assist hanging from the ceiling. Despite this bats still spawn which adds to the theme.

And that's the basis of the City complete.

Plus trees. Now it is finished.

Just after uploading the preview (at the end of the post) I discovered that the Poffin House and all signs are either not finished or non-existent. This will be corrected in the next part.

Amity square is a place directly north of Hoenn where you can walk a 'cute' Pokemon. It is a nice place with lake and some huts you can take you Pokemon in with the DS game. Unlike the majority of the project Amity Square is based off what you see in Pokemon Platinum version. It's far more interesting than the version in Diamond and Pearl versions.

The landmass is exactly the same size of Hearthome City.

The northern part of Amity Square is rocky and rough.

And sandy. The trees north of The Hall conflict with the southern area of Amity Square so all trees in the area were removed and the area in the middle left open. This may be seen as a negative but I see Hearthome City neatly integrating with Amity Square. Now that the trees are gone you are probably more likely to notice it's there. Before only the gates gave a clue that there was something behind them.

There huts are made of clay and connect to each other. In the DS game walking into a hut teleports you to another hut.

Underground tunnels link certain huts together. It's basically a giant underground maze.

The huts are all lit up which looks great at sunset.

Added some details consisting of lights and benches.

On the ground level there is a central lake with a path circulating it. This is the Platinum Version of Amity Square. In the Diamond and Pearl versions there is just a field with a fountain surrounded with rows of flowers so you can imagine why I chose the Platinum version instead.

And bam! It's done.

Hearthome City. 

Hearthome City with Amity Square in the distance.

Inside the gym.. full of bats.

Amity Square.

The Huts.

The underground network of tunnels connecting the Huts.

Progress so far.

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 12 features Route 209 and Solaceon Town.
After That: Part 13 features Route 210.
And After That: Part 14 features Celestic Town and the complete Maniac Tunnel.
31% Complete.

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