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Part 17: Route 213 and Valor Lakefront

Part 17

Route 213
We once again reach the coast for the first time since Sandgem Town. How exiting.

What is this? The last time animals spawned was when we saw Twinleaf Town. Maybe it was the expanse of land I inserted.

The land however had a major trim. A beach was added and some hills.

On the hills there lies a resort. A resort that watches over the ocean.

This rather ugly building is the entry point to the resort. Plus it's the only way in the DS game to get from one end of the route to the other.

In the ocean there is the usual maze of rocks, sand bars and dirt/rock mounds.

Back in the resort the pool is getting installed. Completed it has a sun bed, umbrella and water.

The complete oceanic maze complete. It looks quite dense but once it gets flooded it looks normal.


Valor Lakefront
Valor lake or Lake Valor is home to the legendary Azelf Pokemon. The first time the player visits the game Team Platinum had blow the water out of the lake but later on the lake is re-flooded.

If this lake looks familiar that's because it is. It is a copy of Lake Verity on the other side of the region just by Twinleaf Town.

In the cavern the pattern on the floor is different and has been changed to suit.

Tree borders as well as grass and items get placed first before the trees. Trees always get added last.

Finished Product.
Route 213 with Lake Valor in the distance.

The rock climb to a grassy area.

The resort and grassy area.

The view across the ocean from the grassy area.

The view looking east.

Lake Valor resort.

The sun setting over the resort.

Lake Valor.

Um, a field...

The path to Lake Valor.

The lake.

And the pool.

Progress so far.

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And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:

If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 18 features Route 215 and Veilstone City.
After That: Part 19 features Route 214, Spring Path and Sendoff Spring.
And After That: Part 20 features Route 222, Sunyshore City and Maniac Tunnel.
47% Complete.

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