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Part 33: Mt Coronet and Spear Pillar.

Part 33

Sorry it's a late post again. I completely forgot to write it up. Anyway...

Mt Coronet
The rest of the mountian. The centerpiece of Sinnoh. Mt Coronet is a complex cave system the player traverses with the ultimate goal of reaching spear pillar.

Mt Coronet can be accessed by either the northern or the southern  routes but is more traditionally accessed by the southern section. No real planning went in. Just build the caves and then build the exterior around it.

The first cave is a moderately large cave.

Quite simple. Nothing really worth noting other than it routes the player north.

The next room is tiny.

Very tiny.

But it gives the player access to another small room with another hidden item. It also leads to a corridor that takes the player outside to the snowy surrounds of the mountain.

I'd say the caves are quite well packaged. They fit neatly together.

The surrounds circulate the centre of the mountain. There was no specific size but it managed to fit perfectly over the caves underneath.

Layering up and up.

In the centre of the surroundings there is another cave. It doesn't quite fit as it is too large. The left hand side had to be cropped in and the right hand side had to be blown out a few blocks.

It's getting there.

There is a massive cave that takes the player from essentially the centre to the northern link.

On it's own it is just a bit smaller than the rest of the Mt Coronet system.

The cave leading to Spear Pillar. Some modifications were made so Spear Pillar would face the correct way and make the most out of the available space on the summit.

Cobblestone is temporarly marking the whereabouts of Spear Pillar.

It may look high altitude but it is the same altitude as the top of the Pokemon League building.

It snows on Mt Coronet in the DS game so it snows here as well.

I used WorldEdit to brush the biome on. Sadly it messed up some chunks so if you look around the region and find deformed buildings and caves with a very low cieling then that's why. Don't worry. It's getting all fixed up in the next update.

Looking at Mt Coronet from Route 208.

Spear Pillar
The Pillar that is all too familiar to anyone who had played Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum. This is the place where the player can catch their version specific legendary Pokemon.

Consisting mostly of sandstone and pillars that look a little bit like dicks but lets just look over that. 

It is mostly a ruin Spear Pillar. Adds to that mystical charm.

And there it is. All done.

Finished Product
Mt Coronet and Spear Pillar.

Mt Coronet from Route 208.

The outside. The tall grass despite being natural looks a little un natural.

The cave in the center of the mountain.

The back of the mountain.

The walkway to the top.

Spear Pillar.

On the Pillar.

View over Oreburgh City with views stretching as far as Jubilife City and the Pal Park.

Progress so far.

The next update may not be published for a while. Final detailing will take a while but the results will be worth the wait.

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Pokémon Sinnoh Region (2:1 Scale)
And sample the progress so far by downloading the world here:
If you have any tips for improvement please don't hesitate to share. It would be greatly appreciated. Next: Part 34 features Final Detailing.
After That:  Part 35 features Terrain fill in.
And After That: Part 36 will be the final release.
92% Complete.

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